About us

Invader Scene is a new store which aims to bring back scene clothes like the good old y2k and early 2010 days!


The store is owned by an LGBT+ university student from the UK. So yes, our epic designs are created from an ipad in a student room somewhere! =P Our brand began from a few inspirations. One is that a personal goal of the owner was to always brighten people's days, as they and their loved ones have their share of bad mental health. Whether brightening people's days was a compliment, a good act or even just.. dressing brightly and seeing people smile in the street. The last part got our owner thinking: What if we created OUR OWN bright clothes to make people's days?! 

Another massive inspiration for our store was family, friends and the new generation online who have shown that scene and emo are still here and thriving, and no matter the bullying or bad views even within their own community these people still dress the way THEY want regardless. That's powerful and it should be inspiration for everyone!


AS A BRAND WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANY DISCRIMINATION WHETHER IT IS RACE, WHO WE LOVE, GENDER, WEIGHT, AB-SE, OR THOSE WHO SUPPORT OF THOSE WHO DISCRIMINATE. OUR BRAND IS HATE FREE, IF YOU SUPPORT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM US. The most alternative thing you can do, regardless of our dark and spooky image, is be loving and considerate BUT also be outspoken when we need to be!